Mr S S Tarapore

Mr S S Tarapore, Distinguished Fellow, Skoch Development Foundation

Distinguished Fellow, Skoch Development Foundation, has a BA (Economics) from Sheffield University (1958) and MSc (Economics) from London University (1960). He was awarded the Doctor of Law (honoris causa) from Sheffield University (1996). He joined RBI in 1961 as Research Officer and retired in 1996 as Deputy Governor. He was on deputation from 1971-1979, first in the IMF Research Department and subsequently under the IMF Central Banking Service with the Bank of Mauritius as Advisors to the Governor. He has chaired a number of official committees including the committee on Capital Account Convertibility (1997), the Unit Trust of India Inquiry (2001), the Committee on Procedures and Performance Audit of Public Services (2004-05) and the Committee on Fuller Capital Account Convertibility (2006). He was a member f the Committee on Banking Sector Reforms (1998) and the Advisory Group on Transparency of Monetary Policy (2000).